• Who can live at the dormitory

The general rule is be a student, or employee at SDU but not first Semester bachelor students.

  • I lost or forgot my key

If you’ve lost or forgotten you key you can call the caretaker or guard, they can be reached at 65504030

  • My heating doesn’t work?

The heating is first turned on when the outdoor temperature drops below 15 deg Celsius

  • Someone is being playing loud music or otherwise being annoying

If someone is playing loud music the rules states that they can until 11 pm on weekdays, and until 2 am on Friday and Saturday. Note if it’s excessive you can still ask them to turn it down. This is normally done in 3 levels, first you can post in the Facebook group that can be found here. If this doesn’t work you should contact your floor rep or the head of the council, if this doesn’t work either you can call either the caretaker or the guard at SDU, the caretaker can be reached at 65504030 and the guard at 65508888

  • Where is the page for the laundry booking?

It can be found at laundry.campuskollegiet.dk

  • More Questions will be added over time.